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Recalls and Manufacturer Issues

    Recalls and Manufacturer Issues

      Car recalls are not incredibly unusual. In fact, almost every car maker who sells cars in the United States has had to recall at least one model because of a faulty part or a manufacturer error, like a defective airbag or a malfunctioning engine. However, occasionally car recalls can go wrong. The recent scandals with GM and its recalled cars are only one example of a car manufacturer that did not make its errors public fast enough, causing many people to get into car accidents unnecessarily. If this has happened to you or a loved one, you need to know about the details of the recall and to understand what your rights are. Your Philadelphia vehicle recall lawyer can be of assistance in these cases.

      A manufacturer will issue a recall if a part of the car they make does not follow the safety standards that are regulated by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. This can be something seemingly minor, like an issue with a seat belt, or fairly major, like serious engine issues. However, any kind of safety issue in a car is extremely serious, because the safety standards are put in place for a reason. A faulty seat belt or air bag can have serious consequences for a driver or passenger if they get involved in a car accident. It can even be just as serious as a faulty engine, motor, or computer in the car.

      It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to catch these issues as soon as possible and to report them immediately to the public, making sure that anyone who drives one of the cars with the issue can have their car repaired before any issue happens. They also are responsible for stopping the way that they have been manufacturing that car so that they can fix the problem right from the start. However, as we all saw in the GM case and others, companies are not always honest and responsible when it comes to reporting manufacturing issues and recalls. Sometimes, companies fail to report the recall as soon as they discover it, and sometimes people will get hurt unnecessarily in car accidents or just simply driving along the road.


      It can be especially frightening when this happens, because it often seems like there was no reason behind the accident. This is why if something seems “off” with your vehicle, you should take it into the dealership to get it looked at, because they might be aware of a recall or rumors of a recall before you are. However, many people do not catch these issues right away and can end up with damaged cars or with injuries from an accident or from a malfunctioning car part. Working with a recall attorney in Philadelphia can make sure that you do not suffer any more than you have to from your vehicle recall case.

      As personal injury lawyers, we defend the rights of people who have been harmed because of a faulty vehicle. We represent drivers and passengers who have experienced injuries from a number of car issues, ranging from defective airbags to engine issues to malfunctioning brakes to faulty tires. No matter what the issue with your car, we understand that the injuries that result from them can be extremely painful.

      People suffer from injuries in these kinds of accidents that can be more minor, like broken bones or cuts and bruises, or that can be severe, such as spinal or head injuries. No matter the injury, you still have to go to the hospital, emergency room, or doctor to tend to your injuries after an issue with a defective car part. And, of course, every visit to a doctor or hospital means medical bills, usually expensive ones, that you will have to pay, all because of an issue with your car that you did not know about and could not control.

      If it seems unfair, it is. But with an injury lawyer on your side, you can make sure that you don’t suffer more than you already have. Victims of defective cars or car parts have rights, and with a good injury attorney, they can often receive compensation from the car manufacturer to cover their medical bills. However, getting these car companies to pay up, and especially to pay you the full amount you deserve, can be very difficult without a lawyer. Your lawyer will negotiate with them to get you every penny that you are owed, and they are not afraid to take the case to court if necessary. Don’t wait — call us today.