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Other Types of Accidents

    Other Types of Accidents

      Although car accidents involving privately owned cars are the most common type of traffic accident, in part because of the vast number of cars on the road these days, there are many other kinds of accidents that occur that can leave you injured, in pain, and scrambling for the money to pay for your medical bills. They may be less common than car accidents, but they are no less severe. They can involve different kinds of vehicles, cars that you do not own yourself, or special circumstances that make the accident case a bit more complicated. Our experienced Philadelphia personal injury lawyers can help you with these kinds of cases as well.

      DUI/DWI Accidents

      DUIs and DWIs happen with alarming regularity. In 2012, there were more deaths in Philadelphia County and in nearby counties than any other part of Pennsylvania, in part because of the thriving urban life and because of the number of cars on the road in metro areas. Because drunk or high drivers usually behave recklessly while driving, these accidents can often result in very serious injuries that often put you in the hospital or the emergency room and leave you with the resulting expensive medical bills. Even if you were the drunk driver in the accident, you could end up hurt yourself and also facing medical bills, as well as the fines you will owe when charged with a DUI and the jail time you will likely have to serve.

      Just as in any other car accident, you as a victim have a right to compensation for your medical bills from the drunk driver’s insurance company. However, navigating the legalities of an accident involving a DUI can be extremely difficult and complicated, especially for someone without an injury attorney on their side. By working with one of our lawyers, you will have an experienced attorney on your side who will know exactly how to go about getting you compensation for your medical bills as a result of an accident with someone who made the mistake of driving drunk or high.

      Rental Car Accidents

      Getting in an accident while driving a rental car comes with a whole mess of legal issues, because you do not own the car. Are you responsible for the damages if you were not the one who caused the wreck? How much will you have to pay? Whose insurance company covers the rental car? It is important to know this information before renting a car. In some cases, you can use your own personal car insurance to cover your rental car. If you choose this option, then you know exactly what kinds of things are covered by your insurance. However, if you elect to use the insurance that the rental car company has on the car, the car may be covered for a lot less. It is important that you know what kinds of things are covered under whichever insurance you choose, and how much coverage the car has, in case you do get involved in an accident.

      If you are involved in an accident in a rental car, whether or not you caused the accident, it is in your best interest to work with a personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia. They can help you understand your rights if you are a victim or your obligations if you were the cause of the accident. They will help you navigate through the complicated issues of rental car insurance to make sure your case is handled clearly and effectively. They can also help you if you ended up injured as a result of an accident involving a rental car, as they can identify what insurance company will be paying out damages.

      ATV Accidents

      All terrain vehicles (ATVs) may seem like a lot of fun to drive around, but they can also be extremely dangerous. Because they travel on rough and often dangerous terrain, and because of their design as open vehicles with no side protection, an accident involving one of these large vehicles can often result in serious and nasty injuries. You could suffer from broken bones, injuries to your neck, brain, head, or spinal cord, or even death. Furthermore, many of these injuries can result in lasting issues like disabilities or paralysis.

      Although it may seem like an ATV accident is always the fault of the driver, that is not the case. In some cases, whoever maintains the roads can be considered at fault if they were especially dangerous or poorly maintained, which caused the accident. In other cases, the manufacturer of the ATV itself could be at fault for making a vehicle with faulty parts that did not work properly, also often resulting in accidents. After seeking immediate medical attention for your injuries, call a Philadelphia ATV accident lawyer right away about your case. Their experience and knowledge of city and state legal systems can help you establish who was at fault for the accident and can win you compensation from whoever was at fault to cover your costly medical bills.